Monday, March 16, 2009

Ebay Liquidators Needed

If you are looking for an Ebay Business In A Box,here it is.
The biggest problem people always have is inventory. I am a local liquidator in Winston Salem and order inventory by the truckload and I have warehouse to store it. I already liquidate online through several different methods. I want to expand that business by bringing in other individuals to liquidate on Ebay.
Here is what I am offering:
I will purchase and warehouse all inventory with absolutely no upfront cost to you.
You come to my warehouse to pickup.
You list it.
You sell it.
You Ship It.
Pickup fresh inventory and repeat.
It's just that simple.
Ebay Business In A Box!

Must be an EXPERIENCED Ebayer.
Must have good digital camera.
Must have internet access.
Must have computer.(Preferably Laptop)
Must have own transportation.
Must have 100% feedback rating with Ebay
Must have paypal account.
Must be aggressive!

After you sell inventory you pay me my cost and you keep a percentage of profits. Percentage is negotiable and based on production. The more you sell the higher percentage you get.

If you meet these requirements and are serious about this opportunity please call me at 336-995-4585 or email at

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